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We wanted to tell a story that transcends societal stigmas. How many main stream horror movies have you seen where the leading couple is unconventional? The love story at the heart of this film is between two men, Rafe and Aidan. Now you may be thinking, “C’mon, it’s 2015, times have changed”, but bullying and ignorance is still very prevalent. “Religious Freedom” bills are being passed in states like Arkansas and Indiana. Gay men are getting beaten up in CHELSEA, NY for expressing their love in public. Don’t get me wrong, LET IT KILL YOU is a fun supernatural horror movie, but it’s a also a horror movie that says something. It’s a way into a conversation that we all still need to be having. We want the audience to get lost in the story, and as the film progresses, be rooting for Aidan and Rafe, regardless of anyone’s sexual preference. With gay marriage being voted on at the Supreme Court level, the idea of tolerance is very much in the zeitgeist, and LET IT KILL YOU ties into that while telling a thrilling, scary, sexy story!


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